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  • Travel for single women

    Date: 2014.03.17 | Category: ad, gossip | Response: 0

    Any woman living alone will be the target of gossip even she has stayed in the same place for many years. Travelling for a single woman is even more risky, but Adventurous Kate the travel blog of a single woman shares her adventures during her travels. She has travelled all over South East Asia, Europe and parts of United states. She shares her experience travelling in different parts of the world, the different places visited ranging from beaches to historical monuments. Kate left her full time job at the age of 26 and funds her travel the money she earns from her travel blog. Usually one of the main worries for a woman while traveling alone is safety, , there will always be some one who will tell her to be extra careful and that it is not safe to travel without a companion. However, she has safely visited different countries traveling alone, even when there was political uncertainty, in her quest to see new places.

  • Avoid dealing with Siddhi Mandrekar

    Date: 2014.03.08 | Category: gossip | Response: 0

    This a warning from a person who has a bitter experience with Siddhi Mandrekar, daughter of Sufal Mandrekar. She is a very unreliable person, who has no qualms backstabbing any person for personal benefit. Siddhi Mandrekar had shamelessly misused the name of the webmaster to steal great benefits, assignments and privileges from the webmaster.

    Since she is a fantastic flirt,  some powerful men in the Indian internet industry, falsely claimed that she was involved in a webmasters business, was the person spending huge amounts, when in reality, Siddhi Mandrekar is not spending a single penny on webhosting or domain names. By doing so, she has got a lot of very lucrative introductions and assignments, while the poor exploited webmaster has got nothing at all, only has to pay the massive bills.

    Additionally these powerful men in the Indian internet industry have given siddhi mandrekar powers of surveillance over the webmaster which she is misusing to cause a nuisance,accidents and make fake claims of her involvement. The role of Google in encouraging this exploitation of the webmaster should also be investigated. The webmaster has almost every electronic device owned hacked, and it is time to end this nuisance permanently. Why should an experienced webmaster tolerate exploitation by a liar who backstabbed her and misused her name?

    If Siddhi Mandrekar or any of those who promote her can justify their behaviour, kindly leave a comment, it is time for an open discussion on this exploitation.

  • The Famous Welsh Celebrities (Part 1)

    Date: 2009.11.05 | Category: celebrity, gossip | Response: 3

    There have actually been so many Welsh celebrities that have come out over the past twenty years or so. There many that havent of course. This list is just a small amount of the overall people that have gone on to become very successful. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Star Signs – What Is The Study Of The Signs Of The Zodiac And Should You Rely On Them|What Are The Signs Of The Zodiac And Should You Depend On Them?|Horoscope And Signs Of The Zodiac- Are They Something You ShouldTrust?

    Date: 2009.11.05 | Category: celebrity, gossip | Response: 16

    The study of the star signs is just a part of the complex astrological science, but it basically stands at the basis of the way people interpret their horoscope in relation with the position of the celestial bodies. Can star signs and horoscopes be trusted? Modern man no longer believes the predictions of the zodiac particularly since they are usually made in a very aleatory manner without even touching on the real star signs analysis.There are significant discrepancies between the horoscope you read in different magazines, and this only proves that it is made rather in jest than in earnest. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Dora Links Doll And The Explorers New Friends

    Date: 2009.11.02 | Category: celebrity, gossip | Response: 0

    You can identify when a toy is perfect for your child when it promotes virtues and values. The’re so many toys which promote nothing but gore, violence, and other undesirable traits. The Dora Links Doll is the precise opposite here. Read the rest of this entry »

  • EA Sports To Release Range Of Sports Toys

    Date: 2009.10.23 | Category: celebrity, gossip | Response: 17

    Global computer animator, EA Sports has announced that they will be providing the branding for a new range of sports equipment created by Toy Island. The high tech virtual coaching tools, which will use motion sensors, are being designed for children of the ages of three to twelve which is a very large and broad spectrum.

    The various sports that the equipment will be built for is baseball, American Football, Basketball, Hockey and Soccer or more commonly known as Football. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Jewellery Infulences Many Films

    Date: 2009.10.21 | Category: celebrity, gossip | Response: 0

    Many films have jewellery in them and some are even based upon jewellery. These ones are just some of my favourites.


    When this film was released it made a huge impact on the world making millions and millions of dollars. Read the rest of this entry »

  • James Bond loves the spa

    Date: 2009.10.21 | Category: celebrity, gossip | Response: 35

    Even Mr Bond loves to visit health spa. That is correct, any Bond fan will know that he has been to the spa before. Althought Bond seemed to trash the place it did rather like the experience of a spa. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Top Class Racing Scenes

    Date: 2009.10.12 | Category: celebrity, gossip | Response: 0

    Throughout the years there have been so many different automobile scene tail movies, there have been the good the bad and the out-and-out awful, but what are some of the best automobile scene chase movies? Well let us take a look and see.


    Probably one of the original car scenes, it probably had one of the greatest close up camera angles that brought you right into the action. Read the rest of this entry »

  • The Ceiling Fan- Good Or bad?

    Date: 2009.10.11 | Category: celebrity, gossip | Response: 0

    Video- Ceiling Fan Myth

    The cool Ceiling fan is not a bad thing at all as it can be used instead of air con..

    However people seem to use the ceiling fan in the wrong ways including a hat, a means for suicide and of course the urban myth that is beheadings.

    How is it that people wear them for hat purposes?? Read the rest of this entry »