• Supplements for a Healthier Life

    Date: 2015.12.13 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 0

    Yuck, I am feeling pretty cruddy this morning, and it has got me to thinking. I have been thinking about a lot of things since I woke up, and my main conclusion is that I need to do things to improve my quality of life. That is going to mostly involve living a more healthy life. I know that I have not been living the best lifestyle, with regards to my health lately, and that needs to change. I just got done watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-xrmutu0uq and it had some good pointers and tips for improving my health.

    I am going to take some of those pointers into consideration when it comes to putting together a plan of action for improving my lifestyle, and hopefully thereby, also improving my health. I need to start eating better, and that is for sure. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Best Prices Texas Energy Companies

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    I am doing a project for economics in graduate school and I am trying to track the costs of electricity for different providers across the states, across a span of time. I am trying to correlate certain fluctuation to other economic events to the best of my ability, and then to try to create a model that has some explanatory power. I need to find a good resource for Texas energy prices and to a way to track those prices over time.

    I have also been looking at oil prices recently, and I want to see if the dip in oil prices, across the country, will lead to any noticeable changes in the electricity prices here. I imagine that the change would not be swift, if it were to happen. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Domain name influence.in suspended for exposing fraud in the internet sector

    Date: 2014.12.15 | Category: gossip, scam | Response: 0

    It appears that the domain name influence.in has been suspended for exposing how mediocre fraud inexperienced girlfriends of powerful officials have been fraudulently appointed to important government jobs in the indian internet sector as reward for cheating, corporate espionage, harassment of an experienced webmaster and domain investor. Every attempt to end the fraud has failed, as powerful officials in the indian internet sector insist on protecting, pampering and rewarding their fraud girlfriends, though they can never justify the fraud in an open debate,

  • Reverse My Tinnitus, Obsession Phrases ebook for men and women

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    Ebooks which provide advice on health problems like Reverse My Tinnitus and dating guides like Obsession Phrases ebook for women and Obsession Phrases ebook for men are some of the more popular ebooks available online. While a single Reverse My Tinnitus review , Obsession Phrases review for women, Obsession Phrases review for men will provide an overview of the ebook, reading a number of
    Reverse My Tinnitus reviews, Obsession Phrases reviews for women, Obsession Phrases reviews for men can help the user to find out whether most users have found the guide useful to make a purchase. It also advisable to check the website www.my-tinnitus-solution.com , www.obsessionphrases.com for women and www.obsessionphrases.com for men, before taking a decision on buying the digital guide.

  • Reverse My Tinnitus, Obsession Phrases ebook, The Beta Switch diet

    Date: 2014.12.11 | Category: ad | Response: 0

    Digital guides on reversing Tinnitus, dating for women, and dieting are always in demand, hence websites like www.ReverseMyTinnitus.com, Obsession Phrases ebook and The Beta Switch diet have been developed. While a Obsession Phrases review will give an overview of the ebook, reading a number of Reverse My Tinnitus reviews, Obsession Phrases reviews and The Beta Switch Reviews will help find out if all the users have found these guides effective, whether there has been a scam. For a Reverse My Tinnitus download check the website www.my-tinnitus-solution.com, for the dating guidebook visit www.obsessionphrases.com and more information on The Beta Switch program can be found at www.thebetaswitch.com.

  • Google, bangalore cybercrime allegedly protecting cheater Nayanshree hathwar?

    Date: 2014.11.29 | Category: celebrity, gossip, scam | Response: 0

    Bangalore cybercrime refuses to take action Bangalore’s greedy cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad hathwar, despite providing all information of the fraud which includes duplicate content, theft of emails . Why is a mediocre lazy liar cheater woman treated as VVIP by bangalore cybercrime, with police refusing to take action against her, despite all proof being provided ?

    Allegedly google, tata , paypal or other internet companies have ensured that all the people who have been scammed by nayanshree hathwar and the powerful officials hiding behind her, do not get justice, as part of its strategy to destroy competition, having extremely powerful men in the indian internet sector fraudulently claim that nayanshree hathwar is an experienced engineer, when nayanshree hathwar has never worked as an engineer or has any engineering qualification

    However, nayanshree hathwar with the help of a powerful official, has only cheated a hardworking experienced single woman engineer of more than Rs 1,1 lakh, and some extremely powerful men in the indian internet sector are extremely overjoyed with nayanshree hathwar for looting a single woman of her hard earned money that they are falsely claiming that she has the engineering qualification, experience of her victim. The cheater brahmin nayanshree hathwar been allegedly rewarded with an important government job for the FRAUD with fake references of the engineer she duped, a vulnerable single woman, who has got nothing, because of the fraud on her by powerful dishonest officials

    Why dont the officials in the indian internet sector have the honesty to admit that nayanshree hathwar is a cheater who they are infatuated with and have given access to confidential information, which they have repeatedly denied to the hardworking domain investor, webmaster who their darling conwoman girlfriend nayanshree hathwar has cheated, as they are extremely ungrateful dishonest cruel greedy men with no humanity or morals. Why continue to give nayanshree hathwar credit for the revenues of the woman she cheated, powers of surveillance over the woman she brutally exploited

    Why are these FRAUD men allowed to give their cheater girlfriends like nayanshree hathwar access to confidential information, they then claim that these fraud women are experienced engineers to cover up their FRAUD and GUILTY conscience that they are protecting their cheater girlfriends. there are other cheater women who are also well protected allegedly by google and other internet companies. Google claims that dont be evil is the official criteria, why does it allegedly protect an evil mediocre ungrateful liar woman like nayanshree hathwar, ensure that bangalore cybercrime does not take action against her.

  • Increased censorship levels

    Date: 2014.11.05 | Category: celebrity, gossip | Response: 0

    The last few months has seen a drastic increase in the censorship levels for all forms of media. In fact, even college newspapers/newsletters have not been spared, with students who have posted negative news about political figures facing action. Monitoring of all spoken and written communication has greatly increased, making criticism of any person a very risky matter. Even the mainstream media channels like television, seem to focus on providing more positive coverage of high profile figures in the government.
    Gossip can be a great source of entertainment, especially if it is harmless and many magazines and newspaper have sections devoted to gossip. Today, only gossip about figures in the entertainment world has survived, gossip or speculation about figures in other spheres of life, especially politics can be dangerous. Even posting a warning about an extremely well connected scammer, with proof online can be dangerous for the online publisher – financially and they also have to face threats. Every word typed on a laptop will be monitored remotely, and used to frame or accuse the online publisher.

  • High censorship levels online

    Date: 2014.10.31 | Category: celebrity, gossip | Response: 0

    In any democracy people are free to verbally criticize anyone, especially if they have been cheated, exploited or duped. This will be part of the fundamental right of every citizen, the right to free speech, and to get justice. Even TV channels, newspapers and the print media in India has been very vocal in criticizing public figures like politicians and celebrities for their poor performance, corruption, scams and incompetence.
    However, due to the extremely high censorship levels online, for a relatively small online publisher, even the most valid criticism of a known fraud can be very dangerous for the publisher on whose website the negative post has been published. Newspaper, magazines, TV and other media channels will cover scams extensively, and rarely have a defamation case filed against them. However, for a small online publisher, posting any kind of negative news, especially in india, can be very dangerous.

    Some websites put a lot of emphasis on publishing only positive news, to avoid the ire of extremely strict online censors. Search engines make the problem worse. Hence unless a website is affiliated with an offline media channel, carrying any gossip or other kind of information can be very risky,

  • Exploiting the vulnerable

    Date: 2014.10.11 | Category: gossip, scam | Response: 0

    Today people consider a person honest or a fraud not by his or her action, but by how vulnerable they think the person will be, whether he or she will be able to get away with the fraud. The problem is particular accute in the indian internet sector, where tax payer money will be wasted to frame an innocent person without any proof. If the person is single, not well connected, an introvert who will not tell anyone, the person will be mercilessly defamed without any proof, cheated, his or her hard earned retirement savings stolen and wasted.
    On the other hand, in India if people are well connected, even if they are obvious scammers, frauds and liars , they will get away with their fraud, and in some cases, they will be also rewarded for their scam with lucrative government jobs. As legal issues can take very long to resolve, telling people about the fraud, can be the only option for the scam victim, to warn others, and ensure that the image of the scammer will be adversely affected, especially when the scammer does not admit her mistake, or offer any compensation.

  • Punished for being ugly

    Date: 2014.09.24 | Category: gossip | Response: 0

    Normally a hardworking, experienced person will be respected and treated well. However, in the indian internet industry, if a person is older and not good looking enough, the person will be punished endlessly for being ugly. There is absolutely no way a harmless innocent civilian can end the harassment and persecution based only on their appearance.
    Some of the harassment faced by the ugly civilian includes
    1. human rights abuses
    2. surveillance for more than 4 years, without a valid reason
    3. stalking
    4. identity theft attempts
    5. cheating and theft of retirement savings
    6. denial of information and opportunities
    7. repeated attacks using directed energy weapons without a valid reason, causing health problems like severe headaches, memory loss and insomnia, making it difficult to stay in one place.
    The people who harass can conveniently remain anonymous, and never have to justify or are accountable for the harassment which may be caused only by personal reasons like jealousy and hatred.

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