• James Bond loves the spa

    Date: 2009.10.21 | Category: celebrity, gossip | Tags: ,,

    Even Mr Bond loves to visit health spa. That is correct, any Bond fan will know that he has been to the spa before. Althought Bond seemed to trash the place it did rather like the experience of a spa.

    Of course when James Bond visits a spa he almost gets killed then bounces back to dish out some serious pain to the bad guys!

    Is it possible a man can visit the spa without tearing it apart or is it a place that should be left for women? A record amount of men now visit the spa with just over a third of all visits being men.

    It would see that when a man walks into a spa in a movie or game that it is destined to end in disaster,.

    Hitman is a game in which you have to break into a spa to get at another agent who is being held there so you have to do a fair bit of killing in the mean time. When I was personally playing through this mission I just tore the place apart, I could have taken out the bad guys but instead I took down everyone from Doctors to the spa staff.

    Another film with a spa scene is one of the Rush Hour films, as soon as they walk in the place turns to madness.

    In reality a spa being trashed by a male has never been reported. A London Spa seems to be one of the best places to visit if you are in need of relaxing.

    For women, spas offer many beauty products which is why women often go, a spa can be a really nice place to sit back and relax while someone gives you a massage or you sit in the sauna without any worry at all.