• Punished for being ugly

    Date: 2014.09.24 | Category: gossip | Tags: ,,

    Normally a hardworking, experienced person will be respected and treated well. However, in the indian internet industry, if a person is older and not good looking enough, the person will be punished endlessly for being ugly. There is absolutely no way a harmless innocent civilian can end the harassment and persecution based only on their appearance.
    Some of the harassment faced by the ugly civilian includes
    1. human rights abuses
    2. surveillance for more than 4 years, without a valid reason
    3. stalking
    4. identity theft attempts
    5. cheating and theft of retirement savings
    6. denial of information and opportunities
    7. repeated attacks using directed energy weapons without a valid reason, causing health problems like severe headaches, memory loss and insomnia, making it difficult to stay in one place.
    The people who harass can conveniently remain anonymous, and never have to justify or are accountable for the harassment which may be caused only by personal reasons like jealousy and hatred.