• High censorship levels online

    Date: 2014.10.31 | Category: celebrity, gossip | Tags: ,

    In any democracy people are free to verbally criticize anyone, especially if they have been cheated, exploited or duped. This will be part of the fundamental right of every citizen, the right to free speech, and to get justice. Even TV channels, newspapers and the print media in India has been very vocal in criticizing public figures like politicians and celebrities for their poor performance, corruption, scams and incompetence.
    However, due to the extremely high censorship levels online, for a relatively small online publisher, even the most valid criticism of a known fraud can be very dangerous for the publisher on whose website the negative post has been published. Newspaper, magazines, TV and other media channels will cover scams extensively, and rarely have a defamation case filed against them. However, for a small online publisher, posting any kind of negative news, especially in india, can be very dangerous.

    Some websites put a lot of emphasis on publishing only positive news, to avoid the ire of extremely strict online censors. Search engines make the problem worse. Hence unless a website is affiliated with an offline media channel, carrying any gossip or other kind of information can be very risky,