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    It is really hot around here and we had something of a disaster yesterday. I am not really sure how it happened, but the toilet got clogged up and overflowed quite a bit. This is an old house and a lot of the plumbing could probably use replacing and that is partly what happened. I cut the water off to the toilet and then I figured out where to find someone to do drain cleaning services in Hudson county NJ. They tried to snake out the lines and used some drain cleaning stuff, which I had already tried myself with no success whatsoever. At any rate they had to figure out where the blockage was and then they simply cut out that part of the line and replaced it with some new pipe. It took about three or four hours which did not seem to please them. Of course it was a pretty significant expense to me, but what can you really do. You definitely need to have working plumbing.

    At any rate me and the kids went out in the yard and I filled up their little pool. We even put a little ice in it, but when it is that hot the amount of ice you would need is significant. Of course I did not mind getting splashed a little, this sort of heat is ridiculous and it is very dangerous if you do not able to have some remediation. We are fortunate not to be in one of drought areas. We have had plenty of rain, at least more than enough to keep us out of the danger zone and away from restrictions on water use. A bunch of the other kids in the neighborhood came over, which really worried me in light of the danger of the virus spreading.