• I Got Stuck Up Near Reno

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    Of course I just do what the boss tells me to do and I really had no clue what was really going on until after the fact. I picked up three girls at the airport. They were really good looking and all of them were dressed as though they were rich. As soon as they got in the car one of them started to flirt with me and it made me feel pretty good, but they were all latina escorts in las vegas and she apparently believed that I was paying for her to flirt with her. I was just the driver then and after that I was sort of a fishing guide after that. Of course the boss was willing to pay for the escorts, but he did not have a real fishing guide in the budget. Two of those girls put on bathing suits and began to sunbathe while I was rigging up the rods and reels. The third one went to see what sort of tackle I was using and picked out a fly rod for herself.

    Fortunately she did not embarrass me like she did those other guys. The three of them caught a couple of fish and lost five fish between them. I was mostly working the boat and the fish finder, but I caught a really nice lake trout. It was a good twenty pounds if you asked me, but if you asked someone else they might say it was around fifteen pounds. However that girl was like a genius with that fly rod. It was obvious that she had a lot of knowledge about both fly fishing and that lake too. She told me where to go and then she started to catch cutthroat trout, rainbow trout and a couple of brown trout as well.