• When dishonesty is a virtue

    Date: 2014.05.03 | Category: gossip | Tags:

    A glamorous young woman from a well connected family siddhi mandrekar,daughter of sufal mandrekar, residing at reis magos, verem, goa is wanted for corporate espionage by an experienced webmaster, who made the mistake of trusting her. The cheater and backstabber siddhi mandrekar then misused the webmasters name, to get lucrative and important positions, which she would have NEVER got with her own experience and qualifications. Today some of the most famous companies in the internet sector Google, Amazon and Hostgator are backing Siddhi Mandrekar for her evil deed, and her given her great powers for her act of corporate espionage. Siddhi Mandrekar is an excellent flirt, seducing powerful men, looks like kim kardashian, so all her misdeeds are forgiven and people justifying her act of sabotage. Thus in the internet sector in India today, dishonesty is a virtue with cheaters like siddhi mandrekar rewarded with positions of powers at the expense of the experienced webmasters and domain investors who she has betrayed. Others involved in similar scams are the young slim sunaina,