• Exploiting the vulnerable

    Date: 2014.10.11 | Category: gossip, scam | Tags:

    Today people consider a person honest or a fraud not by his or her action, but by how vulnerable they think the person will be, whether he or she will be able to get away with the fraud. The problem is particular accute in the indian internet sector, where tax payer money will be wasted to frame an innocent person without any proof. If the person is single, not well connected, an introvert who will not tell anyone, the person will be mercilessly defamed without any proof, cheated, his or her hard earned retirement savings stolen and wasted.
    On the other hand, in India if people are well connected, even if they are obvious scammers, frauds and liars , they will get away with their fraud, and in some cases, they will be also rewarded for their scam with lucrative government jobs. As legal issues can take very long to resolve, telling people about the fraud, can be the only option for the scam victim, to warn others, and ensure that the image of the scammer will be adversely affected, especially when the scammer does not admit her mistake, or offer any compensation.