• The Ceiling Fan- Good Or bad?

    Date: 2009.10.11 | Category: celebrity, gossip | Tags: ,,

    Video- Ceiling Fan Myth

    The cool Ceiling fan is not a bad thing at all as it can be used instead of air con..

    However people seem to use the ceiling fan in the wrong ways including a hat, a means for suicide and of course the urban myth that is beheadings.

    How is it that people wear them for hat purposes?? I am actually talking about the fan coming loose and falling on somebodys head..

    Sadly many people take thier life on a ceiling fan. The majority of suicides are from hangings as the fan is often the highest point in the room..

    The fan does not have the power to behead somebody although many people think it does.. This has been shown in many movies, television programmes and even sometimes in the general media. On the programme Mythbusters it was actually proven that the most a ceiling fan can do to you is tear the throat open and that was using the most powerful fan money can buy, even the custom lawnmowe fan couldnt take the head off fully.?

    It was more than likely taken from a single film and then used by other companies for their projects.. Many people have died because of the fans but there is no-one as of yet that has actually been fully beheaded..

    On a lighter note the ceiling fan amongst other inventions that include room humidifiers and HEPA air purifier can actually be more useful to you than deadly.