• EA Sports To Release Range Of Sports Toys

    Date: 2009.10.23 | Category: celebrity, gossip | Tags: ,,,,

    Global computer animator, EA Sports has announced that they will be providing the branding for a new range of sports equipment created by Toy Island. The high tech virtual coaching tools, which will use motion sensors, are being designed for children of the ages of three to twelve which is a very large and broad spectrum.

    The various sports that the equipment will be built for is baseball, American Football, Basketball, Hockey and Soccer or more commonly known as Football. There is even talk that they may bring out their own range of surfboards. EA Sports boss Peter Moore said that Our goal is to take the EA Sports brand much deeper into the fabric of sports, and into new markets that allow more people to unleash their inner spirit of both sports and competition.
    Considering that EA Sports are more known for their prominence in the computer game industry this is a very interesting development for the company. It will add so much to the already large brand and is sure to almost double their profits. This new concept will also open the doors for new relationships to be carved with local retailers and will get the EA Sports brand recognised on a much larger scale than ever before. Among the aids due to be released you can expect things like, footballs, shin pads, football boots, action figures, snowboards and many more are still to be announced.

    It is understandable that EA will be looking to branch out of the norm, especially in such an un-predictable time in terms of our global economy. It is pretty wise of EA to be looking outside of computer animation and into toy making because it is broadening their profit stream. Many companies have been put into liquidation recently because of their lack of knowledge on the market. In order to help keep your business (small or large) up and standing on its own two feet you will need to diversify the product ranges. This is absolutely crucial.