• The Famous Welsh Celebrities (Part 1)

    Date: 2009.11.05 | Category: celebrity, gossip | Tags: ,

    There have actually been so many Welsh celebrities that have come out over the past twenty years or so. There many that havent of course. This list is just a small amount of the overall people that have gone on to become very successful.

    The Very Famous Christian Bale

    Yes this huge Hollywood actor was actually born in Wales in 1974. Bale has to be on the list because he is such a huge actor, although he left Wales when he was two he simply has to be on the list. Believe it or not his father was a pilot and talent manager and his mother a very traditonal circus clown. At just the gae of two he left Wales and spent a long while in England, Portugal and of course the USA. His top films include American Psycho, Batman Begins and Batman: The Dark Knight and of course Equilibrium.

    Aimee Duffy (Duffy)

    Aimee Duffy was actually born in 1984 and is a very successful singer/songwriter. So far she has only produced one album but it came in at number one in the UK chart immediately upon release. Duffy actually grew up speaking Welsh as her mother tongue which isnt too common to see in Wales nowadays. She actually dropped her first name Aimee and simply called herself Duffy for both personal and professional reasons.


    This is obviously another welsh actor and she was born in the town of Swansea in 1969. She actually left school at an early age to pursue acting. The Mask of Zorro, Chicago and The Legend of Zorro are just some of her best films that she is very well known for being in.

    So there it is, just the first half of the most famous people that have come from Wales and went on to become very rich people.

    Part two goes on to talk about Tom Jones, Katherine Jenkins and the controversial Charlotte Church.

    Wales is actually a really nice spot to take one of those UK family holidays or perhaps even one of those awesome family days out.