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    I have to work as a single mother, and I have to work two jobs so I could make sure that my boys have the clothes on their back, food in their bellies, and a roof over their head. I may have a ten year old car, and I may not be able to get my hair and nails done, but I am a pretty happy person. I knew that I had to invest in at least one HD CCTV camera to put up inside my house so that I would be able to see what the boys were doing when I was not home. It is not that I do not trust my boys, it is that they are getting to the age where they could have friends over and I do not want them to allow their friends to just do what they want in my house, and I think that they need to know that I will not tolerate anything else than a respectful type of relationship with them.

    I am very lucky that they have been honors students so far, but when they go to high school next year, they are both going to be able to be persuaded by other kids to do things if they do not feel like they are steadfast in who they are. I have a brother who takes my boys out every weekend and does stuff with his wife and them because they do not have kids of their own. They do not want to have kids and I think that is probably best because they are not the most maternal and paternal people when they are with my boys and I really worry about what would happen if they did not have them to take them out and give me a break once in a while.