• Travel for single women

    Date: 2014.03.17 | Category: ad, gossip | Tags:

    Any woman living alone will be the target of gossip even she has stayed in the same place for many years. Travelling for a single woman is even more risky, but Adventurous Kate the travel blog of a single woman shares her adventures during her travels. She has travelled all over South East Asia, Europe and parts of United states. She shares her experience travelling in different parts of the world, the different places visited ranging from beaches to historical monuments. Kate left her full time job at the age of 26 and funds her travel the money she earns from her travel blog. Usually one of the main worries for a woman while traveling alone is safety, , there will always be some one who will tell her to be extra careful and that it is not safe to travel without a companion. However, she has safely visited different countries traveling alone, even when there was political uncertainty, in her quest to see new places.