• L1 Visa Business Plan – Do You Really Need One?

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    If you stumbled upon this article you probably already know what’s a L1 Visa. However, to make it clear, L1 visas are visas used by companies in the United States of America to transfer key employees from its foreign branches into the States. For an applicant for such a visa there’s no part of the legislation stating that the application must include a L1 visa business plan. So, naturally, why would you need one?

    The fact of the matter is that in case your company is one of the most prominent ones in the world, a multinational business leader, a game-changing universally-known entity, a letter from a company executive or maybe even a small amount of company information would be more than enough to take you flying through the visa approval process. However, not all applicants work for such companies. For newer, lesser known businesses, the process is more complicated and this is where including a detailed business plan in your application will come in handy. So, do you really need a L1 Visa Business Plan? You most certainly do if you fall under second category.

    As navigating USCIS’ requirements for the L1 visa could be a bit intimidating for companies which are not familiarized with the process a consulting firm that specializes in such issues can be a good idea, making the difference between a smooth visa approval and a possible failure. Also, as discussed above, having a professionally written, detailed business plan included in your application will for sure greatly increase your likelihood of obtaining the L1 visa.

    One such company is Continuous Business Planning, a UK, family run, business consultancy firm specializing in business plan drafting, whether for business expansion or visa approval purposes. The decades of experience under their belts are a testament to their professional, well sorted business plans that they’ve been providing to their clients.