• Police miss out on the person who openly said that she would kill sushant singh rajput

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    Though the police are investigating the death of sushant singh rajput, they have missed out on the one person who openly declared that she would kill sushant singh rajput , alia bhatt
    In an episode of Koffee with Karan, the talk show, she openly declared that she would kill him.
    In another episode, she and karan johar openly ridiculed sushant singh rajput, calling him sushant singh who
    Alia bhatt’s father mahesh bhatt and her uncle mukesh bhatt openly declared that sushant singh rajput was mentally unsound in an interview with national herald india and other newspapers
    No one else has been so explicit in defaming him
    Additionally mahesh bhatt allegedly told rhea chakraborty, sushant singh rajput’s girlfriend to leave him after he started hearing voices
    Since the domain investor is also a victim of organized stalking , is banned by google,like sushant singh rajput , she has noticed that sushant singh rajput was showing all the signs of being gang stalked . Yet there was no one to help him.
    alia bhatt was dating ranbir kapoor, for more than one year, and ranbir kapoor was a professional rival to sushant singh rajput

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