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  • Google, bangalore cybercrime allegedly protecting cheater Nayanshree hathwar?

    Date: 2014.11.29 | Category: celebrity, gossip, scam | Response: 0

    Bangalore cybercrime refuses to take action Bangalore’s greedy cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad hathwar, despite providing all information of the fraud which includes duplicate content, theft of emails . Why is a mediocre lazy liar cheater woman treated as VVIP by bangalore cybercrime, with police refusing to take action against her, despite all proof being provided ?

    Allegedly google, tata , paypal or other internet companies have ensured that all the people who have been scammed by nayanshree hathwar and the powerful officials hiding behind her, do not get justice, as part of its strategy to destroy competition, having extremely powerful men in the indian internet sector fraudulently claim that nayanshree hathwar is an experienced engineer, when nayanshree hathwar has never worked as an engineer or has any engineering qualification

    However, nayanshree hathwar with the help of a powerful official, has only cheated a hardworking experienced single woman engineer of more than Rs 1,1 lakh, and some extremely powerful men in the indian internet sector are extremely overjoyed with nayanshree hathwar for looting a single woman of her hard earned money that they are falsely claiming that she has the engineering qualification, experience of her victim. The cheater brahmin nayanshree hathwar been allegedly rewarded with an important government job for the FRAUD with fake references of the engineer she duped, a vulnerable single woman, who has got nothing, because of the fraud on her by powerful dishonest officials

    Why dont the officials in the indian internet sector have the honesty to admit that nayanshree hathwar is a cheater who they are infatuated with and have given access to confidential information, which they have repeatedly denied to the hardworking domain investor, webmaster who their darling conwoman girlfriend nayanshree hathwar has cheated, as they are extremely ungrateful dishonest cruel greedy men with no humanity or morals. Why continue to give nayanshree hathwar credit for the revenues of the woman she cheated, powers of surveillance over the woman she brutally exploited

    Why are these FRAUD men allowed to give their cheater girlfriends like nayanshree hathwar access to confidential information, they then claim that these fraud women are experienced engineers to cover up their FRAUD and GUILTY conscience that they are protecting their cheater girlfriends. there are other cheater women who are also well protected allegedly by google and other internet companies. Google claims that dont be evil is the official criteria, why does it allegedly protect an evil mediocre ungrateful liar woman like nayanshree hathwar, ensure that bangalore cybercrime does not take action against her.