• What Glasses are Flying off the Shelves this Summer

    Date: 2009.09.04 | Category: Uncategorized | Tags: ,,,,,

    Summer is here along with the question what sunglasses is everyone going to be wearing? Every year the sunglasses market adopts a new look. Rembeber last summer everyone was wearing Ray Ban Wayfarer’s? So what is the trend this year.

    Peoples spend on sunglasses throughout the summer months is huge and what people decide to buy is influenced heavily by what celebrities are wearing. Have you noticed that everyone seems to be wearing round glasses? I certainly have! Celebrities have been sporting round glasses a lot this year, we have also seen many designers feature them on the catwalk to. So as normal whatever celebrities are wearing so are we in a slightly cheaper format. Elton John and John Lennon made round glass famous years ago as well as many other famous people wearing them over the years

    We are seeing designers follow these trends. Police sunglasses meet the demand by stocking a wide variety of designs including round glasses and last year’s Ray-Bans. A big difference in todays market is the ability to get prescription glasses with designer looks! Police glasses offer a lot of their designer glasses with prescription which is letting more people wear designer sunglasses. The high street plays the biggest part by allowing people to get designer look sunglasses for half the price. And round glasses have definitely been flying off the high street shelves.

    I’m not to fussed however I am intrigued to see what will be appearing next summer to start all the hype again.