• Tutorial – How To Choose your Hair Cut

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    Dont just go to your hair stylist’s and state – I need a haircut – first decide what you like so that you dont grieve over it later. Sure it could turn out just fine, but most of the time youll just despise your new hairstyle. Still if it happens you do want to make sure your hair turns out to look the way you want it after having a brand new hair style, be sure to check out the following tips.

    To start with – make sure what shape you face is.It only takes a few minutes make sure!Just get in front of the mirror, get rid of the bangs from your forehead and start drawing a line.

    The oval face shape is maybethe most frequent one.Still you shouldnt consider having bangs as those dont actually go with your great face shape. If your face is of a round shape – try out the layered haircut of a shorter length. Needless to say, there are a few other face shapes – square, rectangular, triangular and lastly a heart-shaped face. Its a really conventional information that all of these had both the good and the bad points. In general I love the most choppy hairstyles but it does not fit every girl.

    Another imperative thing is the tone of your skin – not all the hair colors will look nice or bad depending on your skin tone. This is really simple to learn as there are just 2 classes of shades (warm and cold) and its really easy to find out which one do you belong. By combining wrong shades and colors you might end up looking like a tragedy! If you feel insecure ask your hairdresser as they must know! I advise you do some fundamental research if youre going for something fresh and atypical as you dont want to regret it, even though it will grow back.