• Britons Go a Crazy After Record Breaking Heatwave

    Date: 2009.07.26 | Category: celebrity, gossip | Tags: ,,,,,,

    British heat wave report on youtube

    In the UK the year round weather is so blighted by rain and clouds – but the population got a well deserved break recently with some thermometer busting conditions. The last week of June this year saw UK temperatures soar to a reported 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit), the highest recorded for three years. It was also the hottest temperature in June for many years – the average for June is 19-22 degrees Celcius (around 70 degrees Fahrenheit).

    However when you subject such conditions on a people who hardly ever experience it, you can be sure of a little madness flying about.

    Lobsters & Melanoma

    First thing you see when the sun comes out in the UK is people stripping down to bikinis to make the most of the sun. Any English town or city on a hot day will be littered with bodies lying around trying to get as much sun on as much of their pale flesh as possible. Several months down the line you can be sure of a few melanoma scares resulting from the overexuberant sun-worshipping.

    The Complaining Starts

    True to form, the British mentality can’t deal with simply being happy and counting there blessings for more than a few days. As sure as the sun sets, people soon started to complain about it being too hot, getting nostalgic about how cool it was last week. And, inevitably, there were petitions to demand the government do something about the awful hot weather and lack of air conditioners in public places!

    Fan Stampede

    While half of the British population are stripping down to their underwear, the rest rushes down to the high street and sucks up the entire stock of desk fans like some sweaty, many-headed monster. According to Google, searches for the term “portable air conditioner” in the UK went from 9,900 in May to 49,500 in June!

    The Inevitable Demise

    However these kinds of weather conditions are doomed to die out in the UK, and a week later the country was swept with heavy wind and rain. Many environmental campaigners are pointing to these extremities as yet more evidence of the effects of climate change. Predictably, everyone is now moaning and complaining about the wind and rain, and wishing the heatwave would come back. I guess there’s no winning.