• Digital Nasties

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    The Graveyard of Death Trailer

    Digital Nasties production exemplifies a phoenix rising from the ashes of imagination and creativity smothered by commentators and activists in early 70s.

    The production draws its name from the term Video Nasty coined in England for the movies depicting violence and horror. Lesser would have censor and commentators, such as Mary Whitehouse in 1970s while protesting against horror and underground films, would have fathomed that this could be the seeding ground of creative genius of independent production houses like Digital Nasties.

    For the founders of Digital Nasties, Jonathan Ash and Bob Note, imagination and creativity in any form is noble and should be respected, be it in Underground Horror Movies or eclectic Hollywood movie.

    The production house based out of North East England, is dedicated to the production of Underground Horror Movies, Digital Nasties truly distinguishes itself from other run of the mill production houses by bringing to public a manifestation of creativity that they believe in.

    In its pursuit of offering the most interesting and independent films, Digital Nasties since their inception in 1996 have brought out many short and full length feature films. The early releases Maniac the Revenge and The fools of Mirror9 set the background for the bold themes of forthcoming movies. The release of The Graveyard of Death in 2005 has got long due attention to the creative genius of Digital Nasties.

    With a long list of well made underground horror and Sci-Fi terror movies Digital Nasties though still struggling to find their foot in the ground but have definitely succeeded ushering an era of movies where creativity and independence reigns supreme.